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Brown bear protection

The Rañadoiro Tunnel works, the construction of which is being supervised by Ferrovial Agromán, is an environmentally friendly civil engineering project. The usual good practices of environmental management have been enhanced by a collaboration agreement with the Brown Bear Foundation for a close monitoring of the project’s effects on this species, made necessary by the fact that the Rañadoiro region is the natural habitat of this and other emblematic species.

The brown bear population living in the Cantabrian Mountain Range features genetic traits that differentiate it from other bear populations, making it unique in the world. Consequently, these brown bears are considered especially interesting and valuable from a zoological and conservationist perspective.

The Cantabrian brown bear is one of the smallest and most endangered bear species in the world, with between 105 and 130 living specimens. The Cantabrian bear needs a large territory to survive because it relies on a wide variety of habitats in which to find food and shelter.

Ferrovial Agromán and the Principality of Asturias, aware of the importance of preserving the brown bear habitat, sought out the Brown Bear Foundation in order to sign the aforementioned collaboration agreement.

The primary goal of this collaboration between the foundation and Ferrovial Agromán is to make sure that human activities do not affect the fauna populations in the area. However, once monitoring activities commenced, new technically viable environmental improvements were introduced to take the initiative one step further, such as:

  • Using removed earth to fill degraded areas and partially recover the land’s original contours instead of creating a new dumping ground, and restoring quarries still in operation.
  • Reducing the impact of clearing vegetation at the tunnel mouths and adapting blasting activities to minimize impact on fauna.
  • Minimizing the number of access routes to the construction site.
  • Minimizing the effects of overpasses on riverbeds and banks.
  • Optimizing the restoration of spaces not affected by construction activity by way of compensation. The restored areas have been adapted to meet the real needs of the brown bear and wood grouse populations.
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